Cosmopoli Consultants


Consulting Engineering Bureau Marek Rdułtowski



mail: ul. Kazimierzowska 71/75 lok.69, 02-518 Warszawa


phone | fax (48) 22 849 0028

 contact: Tue.-Fri. | 11:00-15:00

Tekst polski

  Established in 1990, COSMOPOLI CONSULTANTS is a consulting engineering firm. The firm's owner is Marek Rdułtowski.

Main subjects of the firm's interest are international tendering procedures and investment process management.

The subjects are realised in three basic forms:

  • engineering consultancy: preparation and organizing of tendering process, preparation of feasibility studies, project management;
  • engineering publishing: translation of publications of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC concerning tendering process and engineering contracts as well as other publications related to our engineering activity;
  • continuing engineering education: based on our publications we organize specialist seminars related to our engineering activity.

Our firm is affiliated in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC and in the European Federation of Consultancy Associations EFCA - through Assotiation of Consulting Engineers and Experts SIDIR (Poland).

Our firm is registered in the PHARE/TACIS - Central Register of Consultants in Brussels under No. POL - 20364.


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